Harry's Corner Shop – A new NYC barbershop using LightSpeed

Harry's Corner Shop – A new NYC barbershop using LightSpeed

A big welcome and congratulations to our newest customer, Harry’s Corner Shop – a new NYC barbershop that acts as a brick-and-mortar extension of the shaving brand Harry’s. Harry’s was founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider, the latter of whom is also a co-founder at Warby Parker – another web-first business that is no stranger to innovation. Warby Parker’s glasses concept revolutionized an industry dominated by massive conglomerates who controlled market pricing. Their online model turned the industry upside down, and the in-store experience at their SoHo flagship reflects this innovation.

The approach taken at Harry’s Corner Shop echoes that same forward-thinking ethos. The shop’s aesthetic has been carefully crafted to reflect the brand, and as we’ve seen with many web-to-B&M businesses, the customer experience has been architected using a curated merchandising strategy in tandem with technology that makes an “oh wow” in-store experience.

The same care for outstanding customer experience that is put into the Harry’s online business is reflected in their offline space through seamless checkouts and innovative technology. Firstly, Harry’s is using LightSpeed for mobile checkout of merchandise in the shop. In addition, Harry’s has developed its own customer management system called the “Cut Archive” which allows barbers to capture photos of every cut and shave and save it to the customer’s profile, avoiding that “I want what you did last time but I can’t describe it” conundrum. Every time a customer comes in, barbers can quickly pull up the profile and use it to “shape” the grooming process.

Hearing these kinds of stories gets us excited with the direction of the retail industry. When you put tools into the hands of innovators, incredible things can happen. Let us know how you’re using LightSpeed to transform your customers’ experiences by sending your story to [email protected]. We’d love to get your name in lights!

Congrats to Jeff, Andy and the Harry’s team – we look forward to seeing what you all do next.