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International Coffee Day Spotlight: The Standard Coffee & Tea

International Coffee Day Spotlight: The Standard Coffee & Tea

With its chic interior design, warm ambient lighting, and smooth background jazz music that can’t help but create a relaxed vibe, The Standard Coffee & Tea offers Montreal coffee lovers a getaway nestled on the NDG/Westmount border. The Standard’s owners – a sibling-owned firm in Montreal – have held a longtime dream of building a café that blends fashion, art and specialty coffee under one roof.


Guests who walk through the door are simultaneously greeted by the aroma of premium coffee and the stunning attention to detail involved in the decor – from the black and gold trimmed walls to the espresso machine imported from the Netherlands, hand-built by the reputable Kees van der Westen company. The attention to detail, however, doesn’t stop at the café’s overall look. The Standard uses coffee beans from prime Canadian, American, and European roasters and serves up delicious locally-sourced pastries. Even the milk they use is from a local farm, and is specially pasteurized in order to create the optimal foam to top their espresso-based beverages. They employ some of the most knowledgeable baristas in town, who can concoct any coffee beverage customers could ask for. Their desire to provide exceptional service while working with local companies is what led The Standard’s owners to choose Lightspeed Restaurant.


An easy-to-use interface
One of the owner’s favorite features of the Lightspeed Restaurant POS is its simple interface. The user-friendly interface is easy to learn, making the transition to Lightspeed Restaurant from their old POS quick and effortless, and also allowing new baristas to be trained and ready to take orders in a very short time. The simplified menu layout has minimized any order confusion during peak hours, so baristas can provide fast service and keep customers happy when it gets busy at the café.


Cloud-based convenience
With cloud-based technology, Lightspeed Restaurant can be fully operated from an iPad, which is another advantage enjoyed by everyone at The Standard. Since an iPad takes up very little counter space, the team at The Standard has plenty of room to maneuver, and it also frees up the area to place the variety of coffee orders they serve on a daily basis. The owners love the fact that they can also check sales data, employee hours, or any other aspect of their business from the back store, and even while they’re on the road or at home.


The Lightspeed Restaurant POS provides a simple centralized management system that has allowed The Standard to thrive as a business in the few months since it’s been open. The staff can now provide fluid service to their ever-growing customer base, and being able to view the full scope of their business from one platform has given the owners the time and freedom to focus on how they want their business to evolve.

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