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Lightspeed Restaurant Product Update

Lightspeed Restaurant Product Update

The Lightspeed Restaurant development team have been busy over the last few months implementing new features for your restaurant cash system and we’ve highlighted some of the important features below.

Gift Cards

Just in time for the upcoming Christmas holidays, our gift card feature is now available. To activate this feature, simply set gift cards as a payment type in the restaurant manager to use this payment method on the iPad. As soon as you select payment, your gift card will appear as a payment option. Here, before a guest chooses to pay using a gift card, you can activate or check the balance of the gift card.

At the moment, if you want to sell a new gift card, you must select ‘Giftcards’ in the left-hand menu bar. You can find a short video about the new feature hereMake your guests aware of the gift card option in the upcoming weeks and generate extra revenue during the holiday period by providing yet another payment option.


New Restaurant Manager Dashboard

As you may have already noticed, we’ve added a new design to Restaurant Manager, which enables you to set specific goals per day or week for your sales, tables, and customers in real-time. In addition, you can also see the percentage of your daily target and make adjustments if necessary. This can be viewed by day or month, which you can use to compare with the same day month over month, or year over year. If your service is closed on any particular day, you can also highlight this in the report, whereby the data will be excluded from the report.

Shift End Functionality

The shift end functionality is now available to all employees, who can now close all tables by the press of the button and publish relevant printouts for the day’s sales. They are also now equipped with the ability to see open bills and tables using the interface, per server. 


We hope you will continue to communicate with us regarding features that will help your business thrive and that you find our latest added functions valuable.  

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