Organize Your Store – Tagging in LightSpeed Cloud

Organize Your Store – Tagging in LightSpeed Cloud

It’s almost impossible to remember when we didn’t “tag” things on the internet as a method of categorizing them (or to express #innerdialogue at the end of our Facebook posts), but its mainstream usage – largely thanks to Twitter – is relatively new. Tagging is a great way to sort tweets and blog posts, but such a flexible method of sorting information should be available to you anywhere. That’s why tag support is built in to LightSpeed Cloud.

Simply being able to rapidly label things may seem inconsequential, but it’s incredibly useful in keeping your store and your data organized.

Finding items with tags

Say a mom and daughter walk in, looking for a black evening dress. There’s a good chance that you already know something in the store that’s perfect for them – but your sales associate might not. However, by performing a quick search for pieces that are tagged “evening”, “black”, and “dress”, any SA can get start their interaction on the right foot.

If you have an iPad in your store, you can even filter results while on the sales floor, continuing the interaction with the customer. Maybe they want an evening dress that “sparkles”? Filtering items this way is also great for quickly answering email inquiries, or for searching through items that may be in storage.

Running reports with tags

Speaking of evening dresses, maybe you want to see how they’re doing store-wide. You can do it by generating a report that only includes items labeled “evening” and “dress”. Maybe you want to see how much money is coming from regular customers versus walk-ins – good thing you can tag customers, too, and can simply search for customers tagged “regular”.

In the end, tags are only as useful as you make them. Take the time to tag your inventory and a deeper understanding of your retail operations will always be just a few keystrokes away. To learn more about how you can use tags, check out Tagging in LightSpeed Cloud.