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Retail Round-Up: Holiday Retail Must be Omni-Channel, and New Ways to Market Stores on Social Media

Retail Round-Up: Holiday Retail Must be Omni-Channel, and New Ways to Market Stores on Social Media

There’s a new acronym retailers need to get familiar with. “IWWIWWIWI” stands for: I want what I want when I want it. Consumers will choose to shop online or in-store when it suits them, and they want a high-level of service at any channel. Not every retailer will be able to meet same-day shipping demands, but they must offer seamless and consistent experiences across the board. (Forbes)

Macy’s is a trailblazer when it comes to omni-channel retail. With Google’s proximity marketing platform, consumers can now see in-store inventory on their mobiles, allowing them to see how many of each items in a specific size are available at a location nearest to them. Talk about convenience in time for the holidays! (AdAge)

Social Media is playing a big role in boosting sales–particularly during the busy holiday season. Instagram and Facebook are popular platforms, but retailers are extending their reach beyond the usual methods. Socialized e-commerce (think Twitter’s ‘buy’ button) is becoming increasingly important, as is curating consumer content like photos, videos, and reviews. (SmartBlog)

Connected home gadgets are going to be hot ticket items this Christmas. Lights and thermostats that can be controlled remotely from a mobile device have started to fly off the shelves, and Christmas consumerism will only boost sales further. (The New York Times)

Every entrepreneur has a unique story, as is the case of Linda Lightman, whose online consignment business skyrocketed in a few short years. The former attorney and mom started selling used items on eBay in the late 1990’s, and became a full-fledged business by 2001. She now partners with flash-sale sites like RueLaLa and companies like Sears. Her secret? Attention to detail and an amazing staff that have been well trained. (Fast Company)

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