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Retail Round-Up: More Men Are Loving Flagship Stores and The Bar Code Turns 40

Retail Round-Up: More Men Are Loving Flagship Stores and The Bar Code Turns 40

At London Technology Week, participants of the FashTech event heard how apps like Bodi.me, Knomi and FindSimilar are helping fashion brands connect with consumers by personalizing the shopping experience. (Factor)

What does a retailer’s world look like today? From capturing their target market to gaining a following online, one thing’s for certain: they need to be more customer-centric than ever. (Forbes)

Thousands of customers instead of millions: LightSpeed CEO Dax Dasilva weighs in on the virtues of B2B business, and why the clients stick around for longer (Financial Post)

Think retail tech is new? Think again – the original retail technology, the bar code, celebrated its 40th anniversary this week. Though it completely revolutionized how stores operate and saved retailers time, some considered it to be a sign of the devil. (The Globe and Mail)

Would increasing entry-level salaries draw more quality applicants to your store? It did for Gap, which boosted its minimum wage and attracted more skilled and better-educated job-seekers in the process. (Retail Wire)

While e-commerce seems like it was made for shopping-averse men, luxury retailers are investing millions in their brick and mortar outlets to target the important male client. To keep them in-store, they’re offering services like bars and spas to make the experience more entertaining. (Business of Fashion)

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