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Retail Round-Up: The Best Blends of Online and Offline, and January Sales

Retail Round-Up: The Best Blends of Online and Offline, and January Sales

Online-only stores are making the leap into the physical world with great success, with the notably new Guideshop model pioneered by Bonobos. By avoiding stocking inventory, they fully focus on the experience. Many companies are discovering that building customer relationships takes more than attractive website photography, and first-movers are winning when it comes to their innovative retail models that blend the best of Internet and traditional shopping. (New York Observer)

Thin wallets meant healthy sales for discount stores like Target this past holiday season. Retail sales as a whole increased in America, but apparel fell from 5% to a mere 2.8%. One potential cause: expenses like mobile phone bills. (Bloomberg)

Many suffering retailers hope Christmas will turn around sales, but often, December isn’t as promising as they had hoped, leaving January as a big month for bankruptcy. Last month spelled major losses for teen retailer Wet Seal, who attributes their pending bankruptcy to a change in adolescent spending habits. (Forbes)

Looking to save a few bucks? Deep discounts are usually abundant in January. These six items, including cold medication and carpeting, are worth stocking up on. (Huffington Post)

Retail might have a bad reputation for being a low-paying industry, but new statistics paint a different picture. Working in a store not only offers upward mobility, but also higher wages compared to other service jobs. (CBS News)

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