"Take that moment."

Recently, our office finished reading Tribal Leadership as a group. Since Justin and Ivan discovered this book, we have been trying to identify our values here at MerchantOS. During our first quarter reviews, we all wrote down some things that we value as a company. These were recently documented and shared across the office, anonymously. In these values, there seems to be this recursion of “having moments.” That moment where a customer thinks “wow, these people are awesome,” when we go out of our way to help them. Some of us need our daily moment of zen or those mental health days to become the people we want to be. Moments of understanding. Moments of leading, moments of following.

Unbeknownst to some, MerchantOS is a flat company. No one here will stop you from taking that moment of:


Take that moment for you, for the team, for your company, for your customers, for the comically-niche cloud based point of sale with a focus on small specialty retailers.

Introducing Lightspeed’s new board members

Introducing Lightspeed’s new board members