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When we opened our New York office, we felt like we were a part of something special. A vibrant energy, diversity and many small businesses finding their way to success. If New York is often associated with big international chains, 99% of the city’s businesses are actually independent. The streets of New York are packed with potential customers, but in a metropolis that has so much to offer, how do you get someone to notice your storefront? Lightspeed New York helps retail and restaurant businesses with management tools that can keep up with the city’s pace and create a customer experience like no other. As a certain song says, there’s nothing you can’t do in this concrete jungle. We believe that it’s true, provided that you have the right tools to make your dream a reality.


Badichi belt

Badichi Belts, New York, POS

In 2009, Yinon Badichi moved from Jerusalem to New York with lots of energy and hope. Convinced that the fashion industry needed some fresh ideas, he decided to focus on belts, the focal points of many outfits. His unique accessories created in-store are sure to give your look a unique accent.

Union Republic

Unique businesses are not exclusively in Brooklyn and Manhattan. In Jersey City, Union Republic is a community-centered restaurant serving ramen and modern American cuisine. The menu revolves around seasonal and local ingredients for a fresh taste and an eco-friendly diet.

Danielle B

Danielle B Jewelry, New York, Jewelry

Danielle B is a family affair. A father and son team runs this authentic jewelry named after the family’s only daughter, and the mother and picks every item sold in the store. With generations of expertise and a warm service, Danielle B is an authentic independent business powered by Lightspeed.



If you have a retail business in the city that never sleeps, it should never enter sleep mode. With our omnichannel solution, it never has to. By combining Lightspeed Retail, our powerful POS software, with Lightspeed eCom, our online retail solution, we allow you to stay open for business after your physical store closes its doors. Consumers are looking for convenience. Let them visit your store whenever and wherever they want.


Make sure your service doesn’t slow down busy New Yorkers by running your business with an optimal management solution. Staff management, orders or accounting, Lightspeed Restaurant provides you with solutions for every aspect of your establishment. With most of your daily tasks taken care of or optimized by the system, you can focus on offering a warm, effective and unique service.

Lightspeed Restaurant, Retail and Onsite

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