LXR & Co.

NYC, Beverly Hills, Toronto, Miami
Portable success: how LXR & CO moves with their client

From a small retail shop and wholesale business in Montreal, LXR&CO has become the go-to for high end vintage accessories online and in-store.

With six boutiques, and an impeccably-curated collection of previously loved goods - think Chanel pearl clip-ons, Cartier clutches and Hermès Birkins - the Canadian company is at the top of the retail world.

It didn't take long to realize that LXR&CO founders Frederick Mannella and Kei Izawa have vision. Their six brick-and-mortar boutiques have little in common with the tradition vintage store (crowded racks of looks from another time).
Instead, they are modern beacons of good taste where customers are greeted by well-lit and laid out display cases featuring the company’s finest finds.

“We wanted our customers to have a more intimate experience with the products,” explains Yann Berube, LXR&CO’s Creative Director, about the company’s decision to invest so heavily in brick-and-mortar after finding success online.
“We wanted them to appreciate the craftsmanship in real life, and to enjoy expert advice from our knowledgeable sales team.”

“We wanted them to appreciate the craftsmanship in real life, and to enjoy expert advice from our knowledgeable sales team.”

To help deliver this knowledge, LXR&CO sales associates tote Lightspeed Retail-powered iPads around as they confer with clients and help them find exactly what they are looking for.

This ‘white glove service’ also extends to the company’s hotel outposts, notably at the Montage and Peninsula in Beverly Hills and the Four Seasons New York, which account for almost 20% of all sales. Hotel guests who are short on time don’t have to go out of their way: they simply pick what they like on their way to the hotel bar. A sales associate is ready to process the transaction on the spot or can take the checkout up to a client’s room, for absolute discretion.

Regardless of where the client is shopping, they often know what they want. LXR&CO has the type of clientele which is willing to drop $15,000 on a handbag – but not just any handbag, of course. They’re often searching for a unique model from a specific year, and this devotion drives them to explore every retail channel.

“Whether our customers want to be technologically-savvy or not, their hunt for a specific bag attracts them to eBay, flash sale sites, email lists, and into many, many stores. We have to be as resourceful as they are, and know where it is they’ve been looking so we can help them find a specific product. Having tools like the iPad to track down what they’re looking for, be it a certain color or size, and displaying it on the spot makes the entire experience seamless.”

With such a light and agile, portable solution, the possibilities for new sales opportunities are endless. According to Mannella, “People are getting so used to these catered experiences online, and it’s going to start spilling into the brick-and-mortar world more and more. So whether it’s catered advertising or sales promos or just buying on the go, we want to be able to offer the best and more.”

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