Sonoma sourdough bakery

Sonoma bakery rose to the cloud with Lightspeed

The much loved Sonoma brand is synonymous with excellence. A father, two sons, and a challenge are the roots of Sonoma. Fuelled with a fierce passion for wood-fired bread, but no experience, the trio put in years of hard work. Their unyielding determination created Australia’s most respected artisan sourdough bakery.

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Lightspeed Kounta POS, Insights, Purchase, Produce, Ordering & Payments


Sydney and Canberra, Australia


Sonoma had been running its business with a basic cash register system across its entire operation of six venues. Their system did little more than tally totals and print receipts. For a business of that scale, which is set only to grow more, that type of setup was a big hindrance. Craig Donovan, Retail Manager, said they need “a solution that gave us more business value than the typical POS system, but with less overheads and greater flexibility.”


They discovered their solution in Lightspeed Cloud POS. It eliminated the need to purchase, install, and maintain dedicated POS hardware and software. Sonoma was able to gain business value and transparency across all its venues simply on Lightspeed’s software, Epson printers, and an iPad. They didn’t have to invest in additional IT overheads of network cabling, POS terminals, servers, or even client computers.

“All that’s required in setting up a new store is... a Lightspeed account, iPad, Epson printer, and cash drawer.”

Sonoma grew their business but not their IT overheads

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