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Customizable templates

Our website templates will allow you to create the website you want without any technical skills.

  • Choose a theme from our catalog
  • Customize elements from your template
  • Go one step further with the HTML and CSS template editor

Product photos

Product photos on your website can make or break your business. Make sure they are optimized and customers can really inspect the item they want to purchase.

  • Let customers get a closer look with our Zoom function
  • Use our preview function so customer can review an item by hovering
  • Display products in as many angles as you need
product shot Lightspeed ecom
User friendly nav Lightspeed eCom

User-friendly navigation

Don't waste shoppers' time on clicking around. Lightspeed's intuitive navigation that will lead them straight to where they want to go.

  • Let customers search products via dropdowns
  • Add some checkbox filters
  • Set a price range search feature

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