Catalog Planner

$7.50 / monthly
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  • Shedule your catalog
  • Update your products en categories automatically
  • Black Friday? New Collection? Sale? Enable your products and categories automatically at the chosen date and time.

    "Catalog Planner takes a lot of work off your hands so that you can fully focus on running your webshop!"


    Why the Catalog Planner?

    With Catalog Planner you can plan your collection in advance. Adjust your products, categories, text pages and blogposts at the date and time you choose. Add the desired actions and everything is ready for use.


    How does it work?

    Choose a date and time and add actions. For each action you can choose products and/or categories that you want to adjust. You can update visibility, product titles, descriptions, prices, stock, and Extra Template Data. Titles, descriptions and visibility can also be scheduled for categories.

    More posibilities

    • Add and remove products from categories
    • Create (temporary) sales for products.
    • Enable/Disable textpages
    • Add labels or other functionalities to your products using Extra Template Data.
    • Adjust stock per variant.
    • Edit titles and descriptions of products, categories and textpages.
    • Hide products, categories of textpages.
    • Set blogposts live at the date and time you choose. 


    Is Catalog Planner missing functionalities? We would love to hear your wishes, because we want to make the Catalog Planner as comprehensive as possible! E-mail us at [email protected].


    About InStijl Media

    InStijl Media is an online marketing business specialised in builing custom Lightspeed themes, theme customisations and themedesign. 


    Extra information
    You can schedule your catalog accurately to the minute. You should keep in mind that large amounts of promotions can cause delays in the system. As a result, your actions sometimes take a few minutes longer than expected during busy moments.



    You can find our documentation here:

    For questions, please contact us via [email protected]