Dynamic Default Variant

$5.99 / monthly
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  • Always show the product variant that is in stock.
  • Product variants that are not in stock are not shown.
  • Choose the conditions on which a variant is shown.


Why Dynamic Default Variant?

You agree, a product with more than one variant of which the standard version is sold out. The unsightly 'sold out' or 'out of stock' customers will not be interested in viewing this product, despite the fact that there are other variants.


With Dynamic Default Variant it is possible to change the default variant automatically when it is no longer in stock or has reached a threshold.


How does Dynamic Default Variant work?


Dynamic Default Variant is a smart app that ensures that the product with inventory is always shown first.


Dynamic Default Variant imports all (product) data from your Lightspeed webshop. You are therefore not unnecessarily lost time entering products and variants.



Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by e-mail)

Step 2: You choose on what condition the variant to be shown needs to be adjusted.

Step 3: You select how the standard variant should be selected.

Step 4: Save your configuration. Dynamic Default Variant takes care of the rest.


Additional information

It may take some time before the changes have been processed in your webshop.


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