Dynamic Default Variants

$7.75 / monthly
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  • Your fully-automated product manager
  • Always show the variant that is in stock
  • Set your own conditions in the DotCommerce app dashboard



"Always show the product variant that is in stock"

Why Dynamic Default Variant?

It's horrible for your visitors when they click on a product and see a 'sold out' sign. Our Dynamic Default Variant app makes this problem a thing of the past. Once a product has been sold out, the app will appoint a new default variant. Your customers will appreciate not seeing the ‘sold-out’ sign everywhere.

How does it work?
Dynamic Default Variant is an intelligent app which will arrange products in such a fashion that the item that are in stock will always be up front. You simply select a product, choose a rule to select a new default, select the threshold and the app will take care of the rest.


Extra information
All products and other data will be synchronized directly to our app dashboard. This will save you the hassle of adding all products and its variants individually. 


Important note: it can take a while before all the changes are visible in your store.


About DotCommerce
DotCommerce is an IT company from Breda. We are the premier partner of Lightspeed when it comes to custom back-end jobs, API possibilities and connections. We also deliver tailored designs and front-end possibilities. We love to share our work with the Lightspeed platform in the form of apps.


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