Filter on Stock

$16.95 / monthly
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  • Only show your customers products that are in stock
  • Connect filters from your Lightspeed store to your product variants
  • Increase your conversion rate with Filter On Stock



"No more disappointments for your customers with Filter on Stock"

Why Filter on Stock?

Imagine this: A sale is on and you are looking for a new pair of shoes. Every time you click on a pair of shoes you find out that the pair you want is not in stock in your size. This is very frustrating and time consuming. That's why we developed Filter on Stock. In the product overview I simply click on 'Size 39' and only the shoes that are in stock in size 39 are shown on the collection page.


You can do this with colors, brand, sizes, etc.

How does it work?

Connect the filters from your Lightspeed store to variants of products in the App dashboard By DotCommerce. Our plugin checks which is on stock and which isn't. 


Extra information

This app only works if you have the filter feature/extension in your Lightspeed store.


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