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Extend the functionality of Lightspeed eComm reviews with HelpfulCrowd


HelpfulCrowd + Lightspeed eComm = The Only Customer Review Marketing Platform You’ll Ever Need


  1. Automatically collect reviews after a cutomer purchase
  2. Drive more traffic by sharing your best reviews on your social channels (without paying for advertising)
  3. Protect your brand and business by deciding which reviews get approved and which ones don't, just like Lightspeed reviews
  4. Increase reputation by importing your Google and Facebook reviews in HelpfulCrowd and display them on the HelpfulCrowd sidebar widget
  5. Sell more by giving shoppers confidence and showing your best reviews on your storefront


The Power of Verified Reviews

Reviews can increase sales by up to 380%*, but some reviews make more sales than others.


  1. Verified (confirmed buyer) reviews are more trustworthy and increase sales 15% more than unverified (anonymous) reviews
  2. 5-10 recent reviews maximise sales, especially with more expensive or perceived risky purchases
  3. Ratings from anonymous (unverified) reviews typically get lower overtime, while verified reviews remain steady



Here are some more HelpfulCrowd features…


Collect More Reviews

• Automatically send product/business review requests after purchase based on different events

• Customise email templates

• Send product review requests to previous customers with Review JumpStart™

• Send manual review requests for offline orders from exhibitions

• Not happy with a review? Ask customers to update reviews with ReReview™


Reach More Customers

• Show rating stars in Google results*

• Boost Google Shopping with product review ratings

• Automatically share product reviews on Facebook/Twitter

• Add a Facebook product review tab*

• Increase review footprint by sharing reviews across similar products


Create More Loyalty

• Comment on reviews

• Send Thank you emails after reviews are written

• Create repeat business with Review Rewards

• Show off your customers best reviews in widgets

• Trust badges



• 27+ automatic storefront language translation (Dutch, French, German…..)

• 1-click installation

• Import product reviews from other platforms

• Customize appearance – Light/dark theme/round corners/drop shadows etc

• Profanity filter ContentGuard™ for text & image

• Email/product review suppression … many more features to help you grow your store faster.


Get started today and use HelpfulCrowd FREE for 14 days. If you need help, our world class multi-lingual support only a chat away.


About HelpfulCrowd

HelpfulCrowd is a Global eCommerce review service provider for some of the fastest growing brands and has 5,000+ businesses just like yours. We support the most popular and trusted eCommerce platforms.


* Availability of features are dependent on Google and Facebook policies and algorithms