Kangaroo Rewards

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Special for LightSpeed eCommerce and Omni Channel Shop: Kangaroo Rewards (Marketing software: earning and redem loyalty points, marketing campaign..)


You can quickly create your own loyalty program on your eCommerce Shop, or on your Omni Channel Shop(both supporting your LightSpeed POS and your eCommerce store). 

  • Offer customers a customized rewards program online. 
    Build customer engagement, retention and loyalty by easily earning points and redeeming rewards all in one place. 
    Kangaroo also offers you extra benefits such as: automated marketing, POS integration, social media integration, customer acquisition referral module, reports and insights and much more. 




  • Increase sales via repeat purchase  
  • Retain loyal customers 



How to Install:


To install, click the button above. We will contact you shortly for your onboarding process.