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  • Help customers find their fit
  • Reduce wrong size returns
  • Increase sales & brand loyalty


"Forget about return shipment hassles or costs"



Why MysizeID:

When your customers go on their next online shopping spree – they’ll return to your store, because they know you can tell them which clothes fit them perfectly. That is if you have MySizeID - The Perfect Fit. “Standard” size charts are a myth. Different brands use their own tables, based on different measurements. The result? One customer can be a Medium in one store and a Large in another, which can be extremely frustrating. Save your customers from the frustration of uncertain sizes and just tell them what fits, based on their own personal measurements.



MySizeID is the accurate sizing solution that you have been looking for! Running an online clothing store isn’t easy. From dealing with returns, their shipment costs, and the inventory hassles, to abandoned shopping carts and one-time buyers – if only there was one solution that could address all of these and more… Well, there is – MySizeID! All of these issues have one thing in common – customers buying the wrong size. MySizeID offers online clothing stores the perfect solution for this problem. MySizeID uses patented technology and unique algorithms to capture a person’s measurements using smartphone sensors, without the need to use a camera.

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How does it work?

All you have to do is add the MySizeID app to your product pages and send us your sizing tables. Your customers will be asked to download the MySizeID mobile app, which will guide them through a quick measurement process. (By the way, we don’t use cameras to estimate sizes based on imaging, so there are no privacy concerns; we offer a unique measurement algorithm that’s based on smartphone sensors.) Once MySizeID has your customers’ measurements, the app will do all the thinking for them. By cross-referencing your inventory’s sizing tables with their measurements, the app will show them their correct size for the selected item, and for any item, they view later on. As long as you have MySizeID installed on all your product pages, customers using the app will see their suggested size wherever they browse in your store.





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