Product Prediction Genie - Automated Related Products

$29.95 / monthly
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    • Have your related products automatically filled.
    • Show customers recommended products based on their browsing habits.
    • Works with all Lightspeed templates, no adjustments needed in the Template Editor.



    Why Product Prediction Genie?

    It has been proven that displaying related products increases your sales. You do not want to sell just one product, but you also want to entice customers to purchase a corresponding product.


    How does Product Prediction Genie work

    Product Prediction Genie shows related products based on the surfing habits of the visitor or based on the purchasing behaviour of your customers.



    Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by email)

    Step 2: Select whether you want to generate related products based on the surfing or buying behaviour of your visitors

    Step 3: Select your theme and the number of related products to be displayed.

    Step 4: Save your configuration and after 24 hours, the related products will be shown based on the surfing or buying behaviour.


    Extra information

    Note: this version only works for Lightspeed Omnichannel customers. A separate version is available for Lightspeed E-com users.

    Product Prediction Genie has been tested with all themes currently available in the Lightspeed theme store. The results per theme may differ. If you have a custom theme, please contact us.

    The algorithm behind Product Prediction Genie needs at least 24 hours to learn from your visitors. It therefore takes at least 24 hours before the related products are visible in your webshop.


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