Recurring Payments, Subscriptions & Invoicing by PayWhirl

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  • Offer Subscriptions, Payment Plans, Layaway Programs, Pre-Orders, Wholesale Clubs & MORE!
  • Seamless Integration with LightSpeed ORDERS, CUSTOMERS & THEMES.
  • Customers Can Login to Manage Subscriptions, Credit Cards & Account Information.

PayWhirl makes it easy to create & manage subscriptions, payment plans and automatic invoicing on LightSpeed.

How does PayWhirl work with LightSpeed?

PayWhirl Recurring Payments makes it easy to create & manage subscriptions, payment plans and automatic invoicing on LightSpeed. PayWhirl eliminates all the custom development required to create the many pages that allow your customers to subscribe to payment plans, login, manage their own subscriptions and credit / debit cards on file.


With PayWhirl + LightSpeed, your customers will be able to login and manage their own information, see their billing history and make changes to their account. Customers will love that they will be able to add / remove payment plans, update their cards on file, addresses & profile information, etc... All without having to contact anyone at your business.


You can rest assured with PayWhirl's cloud based, scalable infrastructure powering your recurring billing.

★★ Thousands of businesses, small & large, rely on PayWhirl to process MILLIONS of dollars in recurring payments annually. ★★


  • Copy & Paste Setup… No Coding Required.

  • Invoicing Tools, Digital Downloads & ACH Payments.

  • Keep Checkout On-Site! No Redirects To Other Websites.

  • Embeddable Widgets, Buy Buttons & Customer Portal.


Integration Really Takes Minutes / Hours... Not Days / Weeks!

PayWhirl has the easiest integration process of all the subscription apps on the market. You just install the PayWhirl app, setup your payment plans, setup widget(s), then copy your embed code and paste it into your website.


After you copy/paste a widget into your site, you can immediately begin processing subscriptions on LightSpeed. Any customers who complete purchases through PayWhirl widgets or forms will also be created as LightSpeed customers. and whenever payment(s) are successfully processed, order(s) will be automatically be generated in LightSpeed! You can also choose how the orders are passed into LightSpeed (eg. on ALL payments, the FIRST payment, LAST payment, etc.)


If you already have an automated fulfillment solution such as ShipStation setup to work with your incoming LightSpeed orders, it's no problem, your PayWhirl subscription orders are no different! For example, if you have a customer on a monthly subscription plan in PayWhirl and you already have ShipStation setup to create shipping labels for new orders, every month after you successfully process their payment a new order will be automatically created in your LightSpeed store and a shipping label will be automatically created in ShipStation.


Automatic Payments & Flexible Order Generation


Tired of chasing down clients for payment? Process recurring revenue (weekly, monthly, annually, etc.) by selling recurring services, memberships, subscriptions and/or anything else that requires automatic recurring payments. PayWhirl also supports payment plans with a fixed number of installments (layaway programs, Etc).


Orders are generated in LightSpeed based on your needs. You have the ability to select if orders are generated on EVERY payment, the FIRST payment and/or the LAST payment on subscriptions. You can also set what we call a "billing start date" to make sure orders are generated only on a specific day of the month if needed.


Secure Payment Processing

Stripe is our partner payment gateway (the same people who power LightSpeed Payments). They are certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. Everything is processed over SSL (https) connections and is encrypted using Stripe's libraries. They also automatically handle any necessary currency conversions so that you can instantly charge customers in over 130 local currencies with piece of mind.


If for some reason you'd like to use a gateway besides Stripe we also support PayPal, BrainTree & on our Ultimate Plan.


Completely Customize Widgets & Payment Forms

Get creative with PayWhirl's visual editor! You can easily change the look of your subscription widget(s) in seconds without coding! With millions of available combinations, you can style PayWhirl's responsive payment widgets to fit seamlessly within any theme or page on your website. NOTE: You can also use custom css to override any of the styling if needed for more control.


Checkout Questions & Custom Subscriber Profiles

Need to ask your customers specific questions before they checkout? No Problem! On PayWhirl you can add custom profile questions that must be answered before checkout (they can also be optional). This information is attached to your subscriber profiles and can be viewed or updated in the back-end of PayWhirl (as an admin) or in your reports as well. Customers can login and update their profile questions at anytime within the customer portal.


Example: Before a monthly coffee shipment a customer might want to update their preference from a light roast to dark or whole bean to ground. They could do this by logging in and updating their custom profile questions in their account between shipments.


Customer Portal & Login

On PayWhirl your customers will have the ability to login and manage their own profile information securely (credit card numbers, address, custom questions, etc.). PayWhirl customers will also be able to login to both LightSpeed themes and/or PayWhirl widgets with the same credentials. We also offer a hosted version of the customer portal if you do not wish to embed anything into your website.


How Does PayWhirl's Pricing Work?

We offer a few different pricing tiers on the new version of PayWhirl

  • 1) STARTER - No monthly fees (FREE) and 3% of processing
  • 2) PW PRO - $49/month and 2% of processing
  • 2) PW PLUS - $149/month and 1% of processing.
  • 2) PW ULTIMATE - $249/month and 0.5% of processing.
  • 2) PW ENTERPRISE - Contact us for rates lower then 0.50%


In addition to PayWhirl’s fee, you will pay a processing fee to Stripe on each transaction. For example, if you are on PayWhirl PLUS, your PayWhirl processing rate is 1%. If you also live in the United States, your default Stripe processing rate would be 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction on credit cards.


This would bring your total to 3.9% + 30¢ per transaction. However, if, for example, you live in Australia, your rate would be different. In Australia Stripe's domestic rate is1.75% + 30¢ per transaction which, when combined with PayWhirl PRO, would give you a total transaction fee of 2.75% +30¢ per transaction.


NOTE: The totals above are for credit / debit card transactions. If you're using ACH then the rates are cheaper for Stripe (currently 0.80% for ACH transfers).


The fees above only apply to transactions that happen on PayWhirl's payment forms or widgets. You will NOT be charged any additional fees on transactions that flow through your existing LightSpeed cart.


Some of PayWhirl's Custom Payment Features:

  • Subscription Payments & Billing (Weekly, Monthly, Annual)
  • Chained Subscriptions (link plans together)
  • Payment Plans Without Set Billing Dates
  • Flexible Payments (Customer chooses amount)
  • Installment Plans & Layaway Programs
  • Pre-Orders & One-Time Payments
  • Group Billing (Bill everyone on a plan at the same time)
  • Save Customer Credit Cards Securely (Pre-Orders, etc.)
  • Customers Can Manage Their Own Subscriptions, Credit Cards & Info.
  • Customer Profiles (Ask customers questions on checkout)
  • Trial Periods (delay billing by x number of days)
  • Flexible Order Generation (Choose how order are placed)
  • Recurring Promo Codes (once or ongoing coupons)
  • Subscriptions with Up-Sells on Checkout
  • One-Click Customer Purchases (Logged in customers)
  • Failed Payments Management & Notifications (Dunning)
  • Virtual Payment Terminal (Accept physical cards from anywhere)
  • Mobile Friendly Payment Forms - 100% Responsive Design
  • Automated Email Notifications (Customizable)
  • Custom Billing Start Dates & Shipping Cutoff Days
  • Complete Language Control (Override any text)
  • White Label Design & Removable Branding
  • Sell Pre-Paid Gift Codes for Subscriptions
  • Google Analytics Tracking Support
  • 3rd Party Conversion Tracking (Referral Candy,Etc.)
  • Embeddable Payment Widgets (Copy/Paste Install)
  • Widget & Payment Form Builder (Point & Click)
  • Accept 138 Different International Currencies
  • Buy Buttons with Popup Checkout (Copy/Paste Install)
  • Customizable Design (Color pickers and/or custom CSS support)
  • Enable/Disable Customer Login & Cancellation Features
  • Import Subscribers From 3rd Part Systems
  • Native Webhooks (Integrate with other software)
  • Open Developer API & Reference
  • PRO Version With Advanced Metrics (LTV, Churn, MRR, Etc.)
  • FREE Version Without Any Monthly Fees Available!


Have Questions? Need Integration Support?

Our US based support staff would be happy to help get you setup and answer any questions! We're on live chat during US business hours (Pacific Time PST) on the website and you can schedule a phone call from within your account anytime. If you're not comfortable installing the software yourself, we're happy to help!