Shippingcosts by Postal code

$19.95 / monthly
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  • Show different shipping costs per postal code.
  • Give your customers more options with custom shipping methods.
  • Determine the shipping costs based on the distance from your warehouse.


    Why Shippingcosts by Postal Code?

    With the Shippingcost by Postal Code App, it is possible to configure prices per postal code (range) but also to create special shipping methods.


    Examples include pallet shipments, free delivery for addresses within a radius of ten kilometres etc. Can also be used for shipments abroad.


    How does Shippingcosts by Postal Code work?

    Step 1: Install the App and login. (your login details will be sent by email)

    Step 2: Create a shipping method and determine the title, description, standard price and VAT.

    Step 3: Determine for which Postal Codes you want to use a different shipping rate.

    Step 4: Determine whether this shipping method is available to everyone or only to certain customer groups.

    Step 5: Save your configuration. The adjusted shipping methods will be visible in your webshop within minutes.


    Extra information

    It may take a few minutes for your shipping methods to update.


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