Integrations Alipay

Get the preference of Chinese consumers – make QR payment available

Integrate your Lightspeed POS with Alipay via Omipay to process mobile payments from Chinese customers and tourists in a fast and secure way.

Cater to Chinese tourists (and residents!) – Chinese tourists visit Australia by the millions each year. Because a majority prefer to transact via apps like Alipay, having this payment type will allow your business to win over this customer segment.

Fast & secure payments – Payments are processed with one quick scan. And with TLS 1.280 compliant technology and https service protocol, your transactions are sure to be safe from eavesdropping, tampering, and forgery.

Get your funds quickly – Get your money from QR code transactions quickly – so you can maintain healthy cash flow. You can set up your Omipay account to receive your funds in 3 days or less.


Category: Payment Provider -Australia

Product: Restaurant