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    • Find, Eat, Earn and Repeat with Liven
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Reward customers for eating out with Liven’s cryptocurrency, LVN.

Liven’s helped drive sales for hundreds of bars, cafes and restaurants in Australia. Famous clients include Chat Thai, Kurtosh, Lotus Dining Group, Messina Gelato and Pablo and Rusty’s

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In addition to this, you can maximise retention from first-time and repeat customers. First time customers get rewarded 100% of their transaction value with Liven’s cryptocurrency, LVN. This has helped encouraged 40% of first time visitors to return to venues. You can also reward back repeat customers between 5 and 30% of their purchases and drive further loyalty.

Other benefits include:

  • Upsells – Upsells on users’ phones have helped increase transactions by 20%.
  • Sharing LVN – Customers can share LVN coins and help expand your CRM.
  • Care Packages – Guests can purchase credit in advance.
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