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Mr Yum offers powerful menus for table orders, pickups and deliveries.

Mr Yum offers simple yet surprisingly effective menus for contactless table orders, pickups and deliveries. They have helped increased merchants’ average transaction value by 20 to 60%, seamlessly integrate with Lightspeed POS and provide unlimited support over phone, SMS and email. Check out their customers’ experience here.

Other benefits include:

  • Free COVID Registration – Guests can scan QR codes, check in and land on to your beautiful menu for no cost whatsoever.
  • Marketing –  You can increase customers’ purchases by 20-60% by tagging items with phrases like “vegan”, “vegetarian” and “gluten free”, up-selling food and drinks, running promos and giving away vouchers.
  • Reporting – Get insights on your customers’ profiles, sales, trends and campaigns on Mr Yum.

Category: Online Ordering

Product: Restaurant