Lightspeed SaaS vs Magento... Which is best for your business?

The pro's and con's to consider when choosing the best solution for your business.

An easy-to-use cloud based solution that saves businesses time and money by providing a fully integrated platform equipped with enhanced SEO, data analytics & business tools. Free training and support included!

Magento is an open-source platform with built-in marketing functionality and extensive promotional tools that provides full autonomy over the creation of your website.

The launch of Magento 2 represents an opportunity for businesses to evaluate other options in the market in an attempt to tailor the path of purchase for their customers and make the switch to Lightspeed’s platform for a more foreseeable return on investment — built with your customers in mind.

Main features

Lightspeed Magento
Multi-lingual features
Blogging functionality
Varied selection of features
Seamless inventory management
Additional add-ons & plugins
Fully customisable updates
Seamless application integration
One-off license fee


Lightspeed Magento
Simple user interface
Hosting & deployment
Back-end management
Low setup costs
Fully customisable setup
Scalable setup

Hosting & Security

Lightspeed Magento
Low-cost domain hosting
Server maintenance & automatic bug fixes
Encrypted SSL site certification
Physical premise backup
Automated PCI compliance


Lightspeed Magento
Social media-enhanced tools
Built-in promotional tools
Easy-to-use analytical tools


Lightspeed Magento
Low-cost management services
Standardised management costs
Low-cost themes


Lightspeed Magento
Dedicated support team
Offline downtime management
24/7 support

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