Offer your guests the best with a hotel POS system

Running your hospitality business is easier than ever with a hotel point of sale system that integrates with your property management system (PMS). Customers can place orders and be charged to their room, as well as experience smooth and convenient table service at your hotel's restaurant. Delivering actionable data insights, our user-friendly cloud-based POS system will help you manage every aspect of your hospitality business.

PMS integration

There's no need to restrict your guests — offer them the ultimate in convenience with the ultimate hotel management system. Guests staying at your hotel have the flexibility to place their food order anywhere they would like within the hotel while you charge their hotel room directly.

Offer a smoother ordering experience

Offer a smoother ordering experience

Guests sitting down for dinner within a hotel are more likely to pass on their impressions to friends considering a visit to the city. Whether they recommend your particular hotel to their friends, or not, depends on the experience you offer.

Create the best impression on visitors by offering the smoothest restaurant experience. Send orders directly from the table to the kitchen or bar and increase staff efficiency, save time for both staff and guests — all while reducing order errors!

Run a secure operation when it matters most

Customer information is of the utmost importance. Your guest information is always safe with the most secure POS for hotels. You decide what staff members have access to by creating individual profiles for employees with a unique set of permissions for each user. With unique permission settings, you ensure that only those staff members you choose have access to your most sensitive business and customer data.

Operate the POS in the language of choice

Your staff need to be as fast and efficient as possible when it comes to operating a POS, regardless of the language they speak. Lightspeed offers many language options so your employees can feel at ease while using the system, ensuring they don't lose time where they don't need to.

Check up on your business from anywhere

When work (or life) takes you out of the office, staying connected and keeping a finger on the pulse of your business is simple. Our hotel POS system is cloud-based which means all you need to do is log in from any browser and access your business data from anywhere, getting the most up-to-date sales information whenever you need it.

Our POS solution for hotels will help you manage every aspect of your hospitality business. A system that's both easy to learn and easy to use, it's the perfect tool to help you offer superior customer service to your guests.

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