A restaurant management system that helps you run your business

Menu management

Menu management

Create and edit your menu online

Our user-friendly interface simplifies menu management by allowing you to add or remove items in seconds. Build menu items complete with photos, names and prices.

Access your menu anytime, anywhere

As the seasons change, so can your menu. Updating it any time, from anywhere is quick and easy – even with multiple locations. Our restaurant management system is cloud-based, allowing you to access your dashboard from an iPad while on-the-go.

Having access to detailed reports is so helpful for staff scheduling during peak hours.

- Pascal Salzman, co-owner of Le Cheese

Staff Management

Get better coverage during peak times

Once you get a feel for your peak hours, you can schedule employees to cover these busy periods right from your POS. Eliminate any confusion and the risk of double-booking shifts by using a staff management system where staff can view their schedules right from your POS.

Keep track of your staff

Keep a closer eye on your business by knowing when your employees are clocking in and out. Our advanced staff management system allows you to give employees different levels of access in the dashboard, so you can control the actions they are able to perform in the POS.

Increase product knowledge

Knowledgeable guests expect servers to know certain information about the dishes being served. Whether it’s details about your wine selection or whether a meal contains gluten, add ingredients and other important details to menu items so your staff will be prepared for all questions headed their way.

Customizable receipts

Customizable receipts

Develop your brand

Customize your receipts any way you like. Add a link to your Facebook page or a coupon QR code so your brand stays with patrons even after they’ve left the restaurant.

Grow your business with our POS

Grow your business with our POS

When the time comes to expand your business, adding new locations is simple. Our multi-location POS provides a centralized management platform for your restaurants. Your menu can be shared across all of your restaurants, so you don’t need to waste time replicating your work.

Simplified floor management

Simplified floor management

Change your floor plan on the go

Whether you’re planning a fully-booked night or your restaurant gets hit with an unexpected rush, moving tables around doesn’t need to be a hassle. With our user-friendly floor management system, combining tables or moving them around is as simple as tap and drag.


Keep track of your customers

As the size of your parties change throughout the night, so will your layout. When customers make their way to the bar or change tables, your staff can make the required adjustments directly in the POS, so you never lose track of them.

Bill and table management

Avoid order errors and save time

Orders taken at the table are sent directly to the kitchen or bar, saving your staff from having to line up at terminals. Our restaurant management system eliminates ordering mistakes and cuts down on the time it takes for your customers to get their orders.

Give your customers flexibility

No more bill splitting headaches! Your staff can quickly split or combine bills while tableside, offering customers the flexibility they seek.


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