The recipe for success begins with the right restaurant POS

Why upgrade your restaurant POS system?

A leading cloud-based restaurant POS that helps you better manage and optimize your operations from anywhere is the key to offering a 5-star experience.

We looked at a few other options, but Lightspeed was the most obvious choice.

- Marcus Eisenmann, manager at Le Pickup

Superior customer experience

An advanced cloud-based restaurant POS ramps up operations and empowers your staff. From increased product knowledge and efficient ordering to improved communication between your front and back-of-house, your team has all the tools it need to keep customers coming back for more.

Manage your entire business from anywhere

Flexible technology

Whether you need to update your menu or wine list, or check up on staff or stock levels, your business data is accessible anytime and anywhere — from the comfort of your home to your establishment’s bar or kitchen.

Streamline your operations

Work as a team

Running a tight operation requires solid communication. No need for staff to run back and forth from the kitchen, counter or bar. Our restaurant point of sale serves as a direct link between your front-line staff and kitchen, ensuring they operate as a cohesive unit.

Take orders anywhere

Equip your staff with an iPad, tablet or iPhone and give them the freedom to take orders anywhere. Whether on the patio, at the bar, in the VIP section, at the counter or table, our cloud-based POS works wherever you need it to.

We’re here to help!

Technical support team

We can help with start-up — and as you grow, we're always available to offer tips and advice. Our support is available via live chat, phone or email.

Onboarding and partners

We offer personal onboarding sessions and work with more than 150 partners to help you run your business if you should experience difficulties.


growth in your first year of use

50 000+

customers in 100+ countries


annual transactions processed


support for you anytime, anywhere

See how Lightspeed can work for you

Find out how Lightspeed Retail combines the simplicity of a web interface with practical sales tools.

Introduction to Lightspeed Accounting for restaurant

Introduction to Lightspeed Accounting for restaurant