Kounta is now Lightspeed! Same passionate team, same great product, new name.

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Simplify your meal delivery

Lightspeed now integrates with UberEats

Simplify your meal delivery

Put an end to the chaos behind the counter and make your meal delivery more efficient. Deliveries from UberEats are now sent directly to your Lightspeed cash register system.

Work efficiently

Don't manually enter UberEats orders into your POS ever again.

Reduce mistakes

Avoid errors by automating your online order workflow.

Track your sales

Get visibility on your UberEats sales in your aggregate sales reports.

Get organized

Consolidate all your incoming restaurant and online orders onto one device.

Reduce labor costs

Save on costs associated with scheduling staff to manually input online orders.

Save time

Spend less time on order logistics and more time providing excellent service to your customers.

Are you planning to launch a meal delivery service?

Download our free guide and learn how to build a scalable meal delivery service that won't sacrifice your food quality, profits, or customer satisfaction.

Absurd Bird, UK

"There’s no opportunity for human error – the chefs get the perfect order from the customer with the press of a button, without any need for repeated processes or manual intervention. In a matter of weeks, we saw a 20 to 30% increase in revenue that was directly tied to the integration."

- Norbert Swierad, Operations Manager

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Kounta is now Lightspeed

Loved by over 10,000 great venues across Australia and New Zealand and supported by the same team of passionate hospo experts, our industry's most trusted POS is now powered by Lightspeed. It's business as usual, only better.

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