A POS system
that centralizes
your purchasing

Product purchasing

Product purchasing

Control your workflow

Easily order new inventory and track its journey from the vendor’s
catalogue to your sales floor.

Import products quickly

With over 3000 catalogues preloaded into your POS system,
order anything your customers’ request.

Order management

Spend less time managing purchase orders

Assign items from multiple vendors into purchase orders.

Maintain accurate inventory levels

View orders that have been created, ordered, shipped and received.

Satisfy any customer request

Add special orders directly to your POs, giving customers what they want.

Advanced purchase orders and master orders

Advanced purchase
orders and master orders

Keep the right items on hand

Use custom reorder points to ensure your best selling items
are in stock and never miss a sale.

Stay on top of orders, transfers and vendors

Simplify your everyday tasks by using one master order
to combine purchasing, transferring and ordering.

Get preferred pricing from vendors

Combine your stock orders and get better pricing from
your vendors.

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