Refer and Earn — Terms and conditions

Welcome to the Refer and Earn Lightspeed’s promotion.

So what’s this program all about? As a current Lightspeed customer, for each new customer you refer, you’ll receive $200 for each new retail and restaurant business. Pretty awesome, right? We think so too. But before you jump into it, there are a few details that we need to cover.

How does it work?

When a current Lightspeed customer refers a prospective customer, our team of point of sale experts will reach out to see if the referral is interested in becoming a Lightspeed customer. If your referral becomes a Lightspeed customer and signs on for an annual or multi-year plan, we’ll get in touch and get you $200. It’s as easy as that!

What if my referral doesn’t become a customer?

If the person you refer doesn’t become a Lightspeed customer within three (3) months of your referral, you will not be eligible to receive $200, even if the referred customer subsequently purchases Lightspeed services.

Who can I refer?

We’re happy to receive any referrals you submit. However, the following referrals will not be accepted:

  • The new location of a business that is already a customer
  • The new business of a customer that is already a customer
  • A prospective customer that is already in Lightspeed's leads database at the time of your referral
  • A former customer of Lightspeed
  • A customer who previously referred you
  • Customers who you have previously referred
  • Yourself

How many referrals can I submit?

As many as you’d like! If you know a business that you think would be a good fit, we’d love for you to send them our way. This said, sending mass email messages (to multiple recipients at the same time) to strangers or any other promotion that would constitute or appear to constitute unsolicited commercial email or “spam”, is expressly prohibited.

How do I make referrals?

You may make referrals to Lightspeed by sending the referral form to a friend to fill out. Please note that the form must be filled out in its entirety. If fields are missing, Lightspeed cannot guarantee that your referral will be processed. Lightspeed is not responsible for any late, lost, incomplete, delayed, inaccurate, garbled, undelivered, misdirected referrals or rewards, or other errors or problems of any kind relating to your referrals. If you believe that your form was not processed, please contact us at +1 514-907-1801 for assistance. Only current Lightspeed customers that are in good standing are eligible to participate in this referral program.

The Fine Print (warning: boring but important legal stuff)

The terms ‘retail business ’ or ‘restaurant business’ refers to a legal entity that has purchased one or several subscription plans from Lightspeed. You will receive $200 no later than the last day of the month in which Lightspeed has duly received payment from your referral.

By participating in this referral program, you agree to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless Lightspeed, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees and agents (collectively, “Released Parties”) from any liability or damages which may arise out of participation in this program or out of the acceptance, use, misuse of any rewards attained through this program.

You further agree not to: (a) bind, create any obligation (express or implied) or negotiate prices or other terms and conditions on Lightspeed’s behalf (nor represent to any person, including any prospective customer that you have authority to do so); or (b) make any claims regarding the Lightspeed services beyond those made by Lightspeed on its website.

Moreover, you also agree that any promotion methods that you use to promote Lightspeed products and services to prospective Lightspeed customers shall be in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. All applicable local laws and regulations apply.

You may only use and display Lightspeed name, logos, and trademarks and other intellectual property (“Marks”) to the extent specifically authorized in advance by Lightspeed. Any permissions to our Marks is revocable at any time.


Lightspeed reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to refuse any referral submitted by the customer; and to modify, suspend or cancel this referral program, with or without notice. In the event your Lightspeed account has a past due balance, Lightspeed may elect to offset the referral award against any such past due balance.

Finally, Lightspeed’s decision with respect to all aspects of this referral program is final and binding.