What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant version 7.19?

Quick Service mode is here! We’re gradually rolling out a brand new Order screen designed specifically for quick serve environments. Over the next few weeks, the feature will become available for all Lightspeed accounts. To learn more about turning on the setting and navigating Quick Service mode, view our help articles here

Introducing a brand new Kitchen Display System (KDS). Lightspeed Kitchen 3.0 includes design and feature enhancements to support high-volume kitchens. The new KDS will gradually become available for all existing Kitchen accounts. Don’t yet have Kitchen? Ditch the paper chits and contact our Sales team to learn more. For information on navigating the new design, check out our KDS tutorial.

Improved device behaviour. We fixed an occasional issue where new devices using the Restaurant POS app would sometimes override saved devices on the Manager > Devices page. Now, all devices using the Restaurant POS app will be individually displayed on the Manager page. 

Please note: some features require your LiteServer to be updated to version 7.19. This update occurs automatically. Contact our Support Team to update your Liteserver sooner.