Grow faster with Google ads

Advertise across Google surfaces to drive sales: Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Gmail, Display Network. Launch, automate and optimize all ads from your Lightspeed eCom control panel.

Why advertise with Google and Lightspeed eCom

Get up to 6x return on ad spend (Lightspeed eCom merchants data).

Promote your products across Google’s entire network.

Automate inventory updates to only advertise available products.

Track performance right from your Lightspeed eCom control panel.

Get better results with Google Smart Shopping.

Shopping ads are more than text ads—they showcase your product images to get you better conversion rates. And with Smart Shopping, you can just pick your budget and let Google’s AI-based technology take care of the rest.

  • Create a campaign in seconds from your store’s product feed
  • Don't worry about targeting—Google will automatically find the best times, locations and shoppers that are most likely to buy
  • Improve over time, as Google Smart Shopping adjusts your campaigns for maximum conversions

See how easily it works

Choose target audience.

Select products to advertise.

Launch сampaign.

Track results in your store dashboard.

Sell online with a one-stop eCom platform built to grow your business

Join hundreds of thousands of small businesses who trust Lightspeed eCom to sell everywhere.

How can I start with Lightspeed eCom?

Gettings started is super straightforward. Simply sign up through our website—it only takes a few steps. No credit card information is required to sign up.

How do I upgrade my package?

You can easily upgrade your package from within the product itself. Once you're in the product, navigate to My profile to see more information on your current plan and how you can upgrade your subscription.

Learn more about pricing and packaging on our pricing page.

I have a product question. Where can I get support?

Our Help Center is available to help you guide through our product and help answer any question you might have. Still have other questions? Find more information about support in the Help Center.