Grow with our multi-store POS

Multilocation POS screen Lightspeed

Inventory tracking

Controlling your inventory can be challenging when you have just one store, let alone several. Our retail POS, multi-store inventory gives you one place from which you purchase, receive and transfer stock for all your store locations.

  • Manage all of your locations and your e-commerce from a single platform
  • Add stores to your POS as you grow
  • Create a single purchase order for all locations
  • Add all your items and dispatch them after

Customer data

Our POS lets you get closer to your customers, even when you can’t meet every single one of them in person. When a customer purchases from any of your stores, their sales history is automatically logged in your POS.

  • Access purchase history across all locations
  • Transfer items between stores for customers
  • Reward any purchase from any location or channel

Reporting across locations

With multi-store reporting, you have the information you need to run a successful multi-location business. Real-time reports give you insight into the performance of your business at any given time.

  • See the individual status of a store
  • Get an overview of your entire operation
  • Refresh your data in real time
  • Compare multiple store analytics