The bakery POS
that makes high volume
and top quality a breeze

Fast sales, recipe control, inventory management and much more.

Bakery point of sale.
Built for service.

Lightspeed's smart, efficiency-boosting features allow you to tailor service and kitchen workflows to your exact needs.

  • A simple, intuitive app means more time serving your customers and less time at the POS
  • Guided selling flows increase accuracy and boost up-sells
  • Increase your margins with powerful inventory tools that make purchasing, prep and recipe costing a breeze

Serve more customers with Lightspeed, no matter how they choose to order.

  • Sync your menu with online ordering and delivery apps to reach more customers
  • Make changes to your menus, modifiers and layouts on the fly, to adapt quickly
  • Manage all orders from POS, with efficient kitchen production flows for pick up, dine in and more
  • Get the data and reports you need to thrive, from revenue trends to COGS performance
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Get staff selling in minutes.

If they haven't already used Lightspeed POS, it only takes a few minutes for new staff to start putting orders through.

  • Show customers their order and payment status on a front-facing screen to minimise order errors
  • Avoid service errors by prompting staff to record if an order is for takeaway, dine-in etc. and who it’s for
  • Track and control wastage from front and back of house
  • No Wifi, no worries! Lightspeed's core functions always work – even when the internet drops out

A bakery point of sale system that helps you manage every aspect of your business.

Gain full clarity on your bakery's margins from purchase to product.

  • Easy-to-use ingredient management and recipe costing
  • Control bloated COGS with one central place to manage all your purchasing and suppliers
  • Reduce avoidable wastage by planning prep based on past yields and future trends
  • Keep an eye on live inventory levels as you buy, prep, bake and sell

See what’s going on in seconds.

From daily sales to COGS and staff performance, quickly view the metrics that matter so you can make smart decisions on the go and plan for the future.

  • Easy-to-analyse trends point you in the right direction
  • Benchmark your current performance to your past averages
  • Better understand menu profitability and staff performance with built-in reports and advanced reporting
  • Plus, a mobile app for live data

Fast, reliable payments at the counter or the table.

Handle all taps, tips and splits with a payments solution purpose built for your hospo environment — fast, reliable and affordable.

  • Offer flexible payment options, like bill splitting, tipping and surcharging
  • Eliminate keying errors and bust queues during peak service
  • Easily place orders under customer accounts
  • Card payments automatically reconcile

Top bakery tools available with Lightspeed

Get the kind of support you've always wanted.

From helping you flawlessly launch Lightspeed POS to simply being there if you need a helping hand. Here for you 24/7.

Affordable, sleek bakery POS hardware that’s easy to set up.

Bring your own setup or put together a tailor-made bundle in our POS hardware store. Our top-quality hardware tailored to the demands of hospo can handle the hustle of your busiest shifts.

Lets's talk about how Lightspeed can serve your bakery.

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