Inventory management

Managing your stock is the first step in creating a great experience. See what you have and what you need to never disappoint customers.

Customizable menu

Create your menu in minutes and add or remove items at will. Add photos and descriptions to let guests know exactly what to order.

Adjustable floorplan

Make sure floorplan adjustments are added to the system so your staff always know where to go and the customers never wait too long.

Kitchen display

Help the kitchen deliver the goods in less time with a display that helps the team prepare orders as they are sent.

Staff profile

Give each member of your staff their own access to Lightspeed Restaurant so they only see what they need.


Printers, iPads and cash registers, we can provide you with all the hardware you need to create the perfect work environment.

Tableside ordering

Mobile service

Go where your customers are and take orders on the spot while they are being sent directly to the kitchen or the bar.

Self-Order Menu

Let customers order directly at their table on an iPad or at a kiosk and send their orders directly to save time.

Takeout and delivery

Process takeout and delivery orders in the system by assigning them to a table and make more profits.

Flexible billing

Forget about manual calculations and big headaches when it comes to billing. Divide, group, transfer items between seats. Do it all.

Upsell reminders

Some combinations of items just go well together. With upsell reminders, your staff won't miss the opportunity to make the right suggestions.


Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay... Allow your customers to use their preferred payment methods and close their experience as smoothly as it started.

Mobility & cloud

iPad POS

With an iPad POS, all your data, your menu and your ordering system are always with you, no matter where you go.

Remote access

Want to stay at home or be at a fair and keep an eye on your establishment? Not a problem. Lightspeed Restaurant moves with you.

Mobile reporting

See in real time how your restaurant is doing and make the adjustments to have a successful day.

Offline mode

Our Liteserver ensures that your business knows no interruption, no matter how strong your internet connection is.

PMS integration

Connect your PMS to your POS and give your hotel guests a seamless experience, from their room to the restaurant area.

Safe data storage

Your data doesn't depend on hardware and is always secure. No matter what happens, all the intel you need to run your business is here.


Clock in and out

Allow your staff to clock in and clock out of the system when they start and end their day to better calculate work hours.

Employee reports

See how members of your team are doing. From hours to sales, Lightspeed Restaurant gives you a complete picture of their day.

Employee permissions

Not everyone needs to check the stock or sales numbers for the whole team. Decide who can see what in the system for more efficiency.

End of day reports

Let Lightspeed Restaurant tell you how good of a day it has been. Overall sales, sales per employee, you can see it all.

Individual accounts

Give your employees sales tools tailored to their need. Set up individual accounts to give them their own work ecosystem.

Scheduling integrations

Get an overview of your employees' schedules to better plan for peak periods and never be short on staff.


Saved accounts on devices

All the accounts can be saved on your devices so even if you need to transfer a device temporarily, you never lose your information.

Centralized giftcards

Let your customers promote your products with gift cards that are valid across all your locations.

Location reporting

Get all your data for every location you have in your POS so you can get an overview of your entire business,

Peak periods

Whether you’re looking to open a new location or develop your own franchise, all it takes is a few clicks to add new locations.

Customer data

See all your customer information, per location, from a single platform.


Product reports

See your top selling products, your orders and your current stock as well all the information related to costs and taxes.

End-of-day reports

Has it been a good day? Lightspeed Restaurant tells with an overview of your sales and your cash drawer activity.

User report

See every transaction processed by your staff and a list of the receipts per user with the tip information.


Have your accounting numbers automatically posted every day and don't spend hours doing all the calculations yourself

Mobile reporting

See all your data and access all your reports on your mobile device so you can be on the move and analyze the performance of your business.

Cash drawers

Cash drawers are where the money comes and go. Make sure you track all the related activity and see a detailed breakdown of all the transactions.

Customer Management

Customer data

Keep tabs on what your customers are buying and how frequently they are coming in order to build relationships with them.

Timed promotions

Happy hour or special promotions? Set discounted prices directly in the system and let the system turn the promotions off automatically.

Customer Facing display

Offer your customers full transparency and receive fewer questions from them about the pricing with a display and let them see everything.

Customer tabs

Make your guests feel right at home with customer tabs listing all their orders.

Gift cards

Allow customers to make other people discover your business with gift cards that will expand your reach and increase the word of mouth.

Loyalty integrations

Build loyalty programs and reward our most loyal customers in order to strengthen customer relationships and drive repeat business.

Training and support


Check our webinars to see how you can use your new Lightspeed POS and get information on best practices in your industry.

Onboarding session

You won't start alone. Our onboarding agents will walk you through our POS so you can make the best use of it.

24/7 phone support

With Lightspeed, support is one less thing you need to worry about. We have agents available around the clock to answer your questions.

Email and chat support

Have a quick question? Don't wait on the phone to get the answer and simply send us a message on the email or chat, and we'll get back to you!

Customer forum

Share your experience and get tips and pieces of advice from your peers with our community forum.

Account history

So you don't have to explain who you are and what is your business when you call, we keep your account history so we can help more efficiently.