Omnichannel: Sell online and in-store with one system

What is Omnichannel?

Run your brick-and-mortar and online store from one platform. Whether shoppers browse your store in person or from their smartphones, with Lightspeed's system, you can offer a consistent experience and the same great service.

Centralized inventory, customers, and reports

Centralized inventory, customers, and reports

Save time and energy by managing your POS and web store from one system.

  • Know what’s in stock and never oversell to customers
  • Get a clear overview of all daily sales across all sales channels
  • No need to reconcile sales from two separate platforms
  • Use customer purchase history from all channels to create better sales strategies

Wider reach

Make it easy for shoppers to find your store and discover your products.

  • Increase online search ranking
  • Increase your in-store traffic and sales
  • Integrate with Facebook
  • Mobile-friendly templates for easy browsing
  • Market to customers based on purchase history
  • Measure marketing initiatives in-store and online
Wider reach
Increased customer lifetime value

Increased customer lifetime value

Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value.

  • With an online store, your products are accessible 24-7
  • Invite customers to shop online or in-store as they prefer
  • Offer customers more ways to get your products (order online, pickup in store!)
  • Get more marketing opportunities and ways to connect with shoppers
  • Acquire more new shoppers and retain existing customers

Ease of setup and use

Whether you’re a new customer or you’ve been with us for a while, get set up in no time.

  • Free onboarding for new and existing customers
  • 24/7 support available for any issues
  • Use our Import tool for fast product uploads and updates
  • Employees can learn the system in no time
Ease of setup and use
Do you already use Lightspeed Retail? You’re 4 main steps away from omnichannel

Do you already use Lightspeed Retail?
You’re 4 main steps away from omnichannel

  1. Install eCom from your Lightspeed Retail menu.
  2. Publish your items from Retail to eCom — even start with your top sellers.
  3. Choose from one of many free design templates for your web store.
  4. Choose your tax rates, shipping, and payment provider.

Discover the features of omnichannel

Build a consistent brand across all of your channels with a centralised inventory management system. With omnichannel, you can start increasing brand exposure, opening hours and selling experience for your customers today.


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