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Get your business online and synced up easily.

Fast and easy setup.

Whether you're an eCommerce guru or just getting started, our easy-to-use system helps you get your shop set up in no time.

  • Free onboarding for new and existing customers
  • 24/7 support available for any issues
  • Intuitive interface that you and your employees will love
  • Choose from a variety of mobile-friendly, customizable templates

Easily accept payments online and in-store.

Everything is automatic. Just process your payments, and we’ll take care of everything else.

  • Simple pricing with no hidden fees
  • Fast and secure checkout experience
  • No third-party accounts required
  • Manage your entire business and financials in one place
A better experience, for you and your customers | Lightspeed Payments | Lightspeed POS

Synchronize your stores.

Make your life easier and manage your online and physical stores from the same reliable, user-friendly system. You’ve got this.

  • Synchronize your online and physical store’s inventory
  • Get a clear overview of your sales across all channels
  • Know what’s in stock at all times
  • Use complete purchase history to launch campaigns that convert

Get found online and off.

If your store isn’t online, does it even exist? Our built-in SEO tools make it easy for shoppers to find your store, research your products, and make a purchase.

  • Get found fast on the most popular search engines
  • Use SEO to increase in-store traffic and sales
  • Integrate easily with Facebook and Instagram
  • Measure online and in-store marketing campaign performance

Increase customer spending.

Online stores make you sales while you sleep. Plus, the majority of modern shoppers use more than one channel during their shopping journey. We call them omnichannel customers.

  • Enable customers to shop at your store 24/7
  • Offer your customers product pickup and shipping flexibility
  • Connect with shoppers using more channels
  • Find new customers, while keeping existing ones happier
I can now take an item in at 2 p.m. and it can be shoppable on my website by 2:15. The system is so easy to use and I wish we would have done it sooner.
Robby Yankush YM Camera

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