Delight your guests every time with Lightspeed Restaurant

Ensure smooth service and an exceptional experience with tools for dedicated restaurateurs.

A point of sale built for service

Lightspeed Restaurant makes operating to the highest standards effortless with a complete POS platform.

  • Easily manage tables and guests
  • Keep service smooth and seamless shift after shift
  • Create personalised experiences for your best customers
  • Integrate with your reservation platform and other tools
iPad terminal and payments terminal

Elevate your customer experience

Lightspeed Restaurant helps enhance your guest experience ensuring smooth service, knowledgeable staff and personalised dining.

  • Know your best customers with VIP profiles
  • Customise service with position numbers
  • Handle variations, specials, set menus and degustations with ease
  • Make every meal memorable

Ensure seamless service every time

Easily see important customer, coursing, position or product availability info to make managing tables a breeze.

  • See what’s happening in your venue at a glance
  • Easily communicate between front and back of house
  • Streamline service with production instructions and grouping
  • Split bills by item, seat, covers or courses

Hone your staff’s expertise

Lightspeed Restaurant is intuitive, your guests won't be able to tell your newest waiter from your most experienced.

  • Highlight food and wine pairings with a click
  • Easily see ingredients and allergens for a dish
  • Quickly find items with sub menus
  • Make menu modifications without a fuss

Develop a best performing menu

See best performing products by sales or margin and review common notes or variations to give you in-depth menu insights.

  • Access detailed product reports to measure performance
  • See variation and notes reporting to understand common changes or requests
  • Know the COGS and GP information for every dish

Streamline your systems with integrations

Ensure all your systems are working together.

  • Reservations
  • Accounting
  • PMS
  • and more

Fine dining sites powered by Lightspeed

"We have been with Revel for several years and decided to move to Lightspeed Restaurant. The transition has been seamless and the support has been above and beyond! Lightspeed K-Series has been working great from day one out of the box but the level of customisation and optimisation has been second to none. We couldn’t be happier with our transition."

- Daniel Shirley at Debutant Dining, Australia

Considering the switch to Lightspeed?

Switching to Lightspeed is easy. From data migration to hardware and payments setup, our industry experts will support you each step of the way.

  • Get fast 24/7 support
  • One-on-one onboarding
  • Dedicated Account Manager to answer every question
Image of a Lightspeed customer support team member ready to assist you
Sleek and sophisticated point of sale display with recipt printer and portable handheld payment device.

Sleek restaurant POS hardware.

From technology that lets you keep working offline to kitchen printers designed for humid environments, our top-quality restaurant hardware is tailored specifically to your needs.
Go ahead, turn up the heat—we can handle the hustle.

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