Reporting dashboards

Make smarter business decisions

With sales, customer information and product data generated by our reporting dashboard, you can build a better customer experience and increase sales.

Conversion tools

Simplify the buying process

Create a smoother purchasing experience by allowing visitors to log in as guests or using Facebook; customers are not required to create an account in your store.


Customer payment choice

Offer your customers several payment methods, such as PayPal and Stripe, prepayment and post-payment.

Increase order size

Turn your customers’ attention to related products during the ordering process, which they can easily add to their shopping carts.

Reward your customers

Offer temporary discounts or give free shipping for customers spending above a certain amount.

Transparent  checkout process

Transparent checkout process

Gain your customer’s trust

Trust and transparency are key to converting visitors to buyers. Support your customers at every step of the checkout by showing them what’s in their basket and how many steps they have left.

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