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Lightspeed hospitality POS hardware

Made for the greasy hands and high pressure of peak hours, our hardware is
exactly what your restaurant needs to steal the show.

Lightspeed POS bundle.

Whether you're stationing your POS on a counter or zig-zagging through the restaurant with your iPad, this hardware bundle is made to keep up with you, no matter how busy it gets.

  • Apple iPad
  • Epson M30 thermal receipt printer with Ethernet & Bluetooth
  • Automatic cash drawer with lock & key
  • Secure and powered iPad stand that charges your iPad
  • Add additional printers, iPads and accessories to suit your needs

Use POS equipment that can can be set up in no time.

Setting up your Lightspeed POS system and connecting your hardware is a breeze. Simply load your menu, connect your printers and payment devices and you're up and running in hours, not weeks.

Use what you've got or choose another compatible option.

Lightspeed's hospitality POS system is flexible and lets you use a wide range of hardware.

  • Runs on iOS, Android, Windows or a mixed setup so you can use what you already have.
  • Ethernet and Bluetooth printing options that support all workflows, from hole-in-the-wall to full service.
  • Works with most standard cash drawers

Recommended Apple POS hardware.

If you are looking to upgrade your Apple devices it's best to go for the latest models available.

  • Standard size: iPad 8th Generation
  • Something smaller: iPad Mini 5th Generation
  • For a larger device: iPad Pro 5th Generation
  • For something that fits in your pocket: iPod Touch 7th Generation

Compatible Apple POS hardware.

If your iPads meet these requirements, then they can work with your Lightspeed POS system.

  • Running iOS 11 or later
  • iPad Air 2 (2014) or newer
  • iPad Mini 4 (2015) or newer
  • iPad Pro (2015) or newer

Recommended Epson printers.

Add more printers to you existing setup or start with new hardware that you can rely on in peak service.

  • TM-m30 with Bluetooth and Ethernet connectivity
  • The TM-T82IIIl for an affordable ethernet printer
  • Or a TM-U220B for a robust impact printer, great for dockets over a hot grill.

Still not sure? We can help.

For the full list of Lightspeed supported POS hardware, please visit our Help Centre.

Frequently asked questions about POS hardware

What elements should my POS hardware system consist of?

Your hardware setup is entirely up to you as it should reflect the kind of experience you want to create in your store. In addition to your iPad or desktop computer, the basic elements you need are a receipt printer, a cash drawer, a payment terminal and a stable internet connection.

Can I use the printers I've already got?

If you have Epson printers with an ethernet connection there is a good chance it may be compatible. Our Printer Guide covers which models work with Lightspeed POS. Some devices have limited options, but don't worry, we can help you identify which model you have and if it is compatible.

Will my older iPad work?

We will always update to support Apple's latest & greatest version of iOS so we do recommend a device that can update to Apple's latest software, however, we support up to 3 versions back, so iOS 11 or higher will work. To see which iOS devices work with Lightspeed POS, check out our iOS devices guide.

Do I have to use an iPad?

We prefer and always recommend iPads due to their reliability and longevity. However, Lightspeed POS software can run on Android and Windows, although be sure to check the Compatible hardware guide for Android and Windows. Also be sure to check that these devices work with the receipt printers you plan on using, as they may have specific requirements and limitations.

Can I mix and match different hardware brands?

Yes! Certain brands are industry leaders in a particular piece of hardware, which means you will likely be unable to avoid mixing several brands within your setup. Before buying any new hardware, our team will help make sure you are using as much of you existing POS hardware as possible.

Does Lightspeed provide support for my hardware-related questions?

Absolutely. Our technical support representatives are available 24/7 to answer questions about Lightspeed-supported point of sale hardware and provide troubleshooting assistance.