Switch to our unified Lightspeed POS and Lightspeed Payments platform

To provide you with all the tools you need to grow your business, we’re unifying Lightspeed POS and Lightspeed Payments. Together, they’ll help you run your business more efficiently.

Lightspeed payments terminal
Lightspeed POS and payments terminal at restaurant

How Unified Payments + POS helps streamline your business

At Lightspeed, we’re driven by our mission to develop and deliver the very best products and services for hospo businesses. We believe that a combined platform offering is the best way for us to reduce the complexity and cost while increasing our agility to adapt to the developments in the dynamic payments market by investing more resources into fast-tracking innovation and creating an ever-evolving product that exceeds the demands of our fast-moving industry.

How your business will benefit from Lightspeed's Unified Platform

For your customers

Display your customer bills automatically without separately keying in the amount on the payment terminal. This means faster payments, shorter queues and no incorrect amounts for your customers.

For your employees

With 24/7 support for POS, hardware and payments, all under one roof, your employees won't have to deal with the hassle of calling third-pary payment processors and banks to resolve the same issue.

For your business

With embedded payments, you'll have a seamless and consolidated solution, enjoy faster innovation across our entire suite of products, and also be able to apply for quick business funding with Lightspeed Capital.*

We're here to make this change as easy as possible.

We know there's a lot involved with switching payment processors, and as your partner, we want to ensure we’re not implementing changes that will impact your business’ bottom line.

Elevate your payment processing—and save money doing it.

Moving to Lightspeed Payments is easy and cost-effective.

  • We provide competitive processing rates
  • We'll buy out your existing payment contract and cover termination costs** (conditions apply)
  • Apply for quick business funding with Lightspeed Capital to maintain cash flow and finance new projects*
Making payments on Lightspeed POS and

Seamless and hassle-free migration.

Get assistance and support every step of the way.

  • Have an on-site technician migrate your business to Lightspeed payments and get transactional fast** (conditions apply)
  • Claim your free terminal replacement (per register) and let us make your transition even easier**
  • Enjoy up to 24/7 customer support at no additional cost
Support team smiling with headphones on

Even more features to help you stay competitive.

Drive revenue and improve efficiency with powerful capabilities built into Lightspeed Payments.

  • Faster payments with no errors - display for your customer bills without separately keying in the amount on your payments terminal
  • Cash up in minutes - with everything you need for end of day reconciliation on one screen
  • Access all reporting easily and from anywhere - from total sales to COGS on one system
Taking payments on Lightspeed payments and POS
We've had Lightspeed Payments now for a month and it's saved us double the time. Because you only input into Lightspeed and boom the payments are there...we're saving heaps of time. And there are no more variance anymore because there can't be, everything has to run through the POS software.
Adam Celestino, St. Jude Cafe
St Judes

Make the switch to a fully unified system

We believe that a combined offering is the best way for us to reduce the complexity and cost while increasing our agility to adapt to the developments in the dynamic payments market by investing more resources into fast-tracking innovation and creating an ever-evolving product that exceeds the demands of our fast-moving industry.

Next steps

We’re excited to set you up with Lightspeed’s Unified Payments and POS platform! As part of this change, your POS subscription will now include Lightspeed Payments – with free hardware sent your way after your application has been processed.** However, if you choose to use Lightspeed POS without Lightspeed Payments, a transaction fee will apply. This is to account for the additional operational demand involved in maintaining third-party payment integrations and, for non-integrated merchants, in providing comprehensive support in areas where our agents have limited visibility. Please see below for more details on the transaction fee. You can also get in touch with your Account Manager or call us (+61 7 3911 1216) for more information. Switch from your current processor before the end of your notice period to ensure the transaction fee doesn't apply.

Total bill on iPad with payments terminal

Start your transition to Lightspeed Payments

Submit your application before the end of your notice period to avoid a transaction fee. Have questions or concerns? Please give us a call at +61 7 3911 1216.

Lightspeed customer on ipad

Your questions, answered.

Why is Lightspeed making this change?

Lightspeed is on a mission to enable merchants to simplify, scale and ignite their businesses. With this change in our product, we’re simplifying merchant experience by embedding payments into their POS system. This change also allows Lightspeed to accelerate development of the more innovative payment and POS solutions, ultimately creating more value for our merchants.

Who can I speak with for questions about getting set up on Lightspeed Payments?

You can apply here or reach out to your Account Manager for more details.

What if I can't sign up for Lightspeed Payments within the timeframe I've been given?

If you're unable to apply for Lightspeed Payments within your notice period, you will be charged a monthly transaction fee until you switch. Please refer to the transaction fee table above.

What is a transaction fee?

The transaction fee represents a monthly cost that’s charged when merchants are using non-Lightspeed payment providers. You can also contact your Account Manager for more information.

I have a question about my contract and legal T&Cs, who can I reach out to?

You may contact your Account Manager if you have any questions or concerns about your contract and Lightspeed's Terms and Conditions.

How can I apply for Lightspeed Payments?

Click here to apply and follow the steps to start your application process.

I'm ineligible for Lightspeed Payments, what now?

If we have determined that we're unable to support payments for your business, for reasons determined by Lightspeed, you can continue using your current payment processor and no transaction fee will apply. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager.

I am already locked into a contract with my current payments provider, what can I do?

We offer contract buyouts and can cover termination fees if needed.** Please reach out to your Account Manager who can help you with your current contract.

What payments rate will you offer me?

Please get in touch with your Account Manager who can discuss your rates in more detail.

How will I know what my transaction fee will be?

Your transaction fee will be charged monthly. For more details about your transaction fee please reach out to your Account Manager or refer to our Service Agreement.

I'm having trouble getting Lightspeed Payments up and running, who can help?

Please reach out to your Account Manager who can assist you in setting up Lightspeed Payments.

I already have working payment terminals, will these work with Lightspeed Payments?

Terminals purchased from Lightspeed will remain compatible. Any other payment terminals will have to be replaced. To confirm if your terminal is compatible, please visit our hardware page

What if I have already submitted an application?

Thank you! To check on the status of your application visit please contact your AM and we will get your application processed as soon as possible.

When and how will I be billed / receive my bill?

Your monthly transaction fees are outlined in your subscription invoice. These fees are conveniently charged along with your existing subscriptions on your regular billing date. The transaction fee line item will display the fee amount, its GST component, and the monthly transaction volume that determines the fee. We calculate the fee based on your transaction volume from the month prior to your billing date.Your subscription invoice is sent to the Site Owner’s email address and to any users with the ‘Receive Billing Alerts’ permission on your billing date.

*Lightspeed Capital is a merchant cash advance service provided by Lightspeed and its affiliates. Eligibility criteria, terms and fees apply.
**Terms and conditions apply