Simplified accounting

A seamless POS integration that makes business accounting painless

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Whether you have one store or multiple locations, Lightspeed Accounting connects seamlessly to your accounting software. By automatically posting your sales data on a daily basis, you save time and reduce errors.

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Fully integrated with Lightspeed Retail

All the features and flexibility that your store needs

Lightspeed Accounting is simple to set up and works with all payment types supported by Lightspeed Retail, including credit cards, gift cards, cash and checks. The integration accommodates multiple sales taxes and posts data at the category or product level.

Automated financial posting

Reduce the time spent on importing and exporting data

Lightspeed Accounting automatically posts your sales data on a daily basis, based on your choice of posting method. Forget about having to import and export you data; this process is automated, saving you countless hours.

Integrates with QuickBooks, Xero and Sage One


Automatic posting cuts down the risk errors

Connecting your POS system with your accounting software means all of your sales data, such as revenues, revenue offsets, taxes, tenders and cash drawer events are entered without you having to do anything.

"We now have a daily feed into our accounting package, allowing us to better track revenue to expenses. This data feeds into other tools from Xero, including our KPI dashboard."

- Doug Smith, owner of Fast-Fix Cherry Creek, Fast-Fix Flatiron Crossing and Fast-Fix Park Meadows
Multi-store capabilities

Multi-store capabilities

Eliminate data management per location

Managing sales data for multiple locations is simple. Lightspeed Accounting posts sales data at the location level, regardless of how many stores you have.

Convenient reporting across locations

Convenient reporting across locations

Easy-to-understand sales dashboards make data management convenient
Data for your stores is gathered across locations, allowing you to organize your stores by sales, average ticket size and customer amount. Track trends and historical performance, and compare results with goals to truly understand how your business is doing. Don’t forget, your cloud-based data is available to you any time, anywhere.