What’s new in Lightspeed Restaurant version 7.18?

Floor reports now available on the POS: Users now have the option to print Floor reports (Day reports for a specified floor). The permission “Allow print floor report” is automatically enabled for all users with “Allow print day report.” To print the report, go to POS app > User Profile > Reports > Print Floor Report and specify the floor. Floor reports are currently only available from the Restaurant POS app. 

Summary reports now show voiding details. The reasons for a void were previously only visible on Day reports – now, void details also display on Summary reports.

Seat numbers now visible on MEV/SRM receipts. For Quebec accounts only: seat numbers now appear at the top of a MEV/SRM receipt, so ensuring your clients receive the right bill is easier than ever. 

Import customers and gift cards. It is now possible to bulk import customers and gift cards from the Restaurant Manager. Files must be formatted according to our CSV templates to be imported correctly. 

  • To import customers and/or download a CSV template, go to Manager > Users > Customers > Import customers. 
  • To import gift cards and/or download a CSV template, go to Manager > Payments > Gift cards > Bulk upload

Managing customers just got easier. Customer visibility on the POS app can be maintained by simply Deactivating or Reactivating a customer from Restaurant Manager. When a customer is deactivated, they will no longer be visible on the Restaurant POS. To remove customer POS visibility, go to Manager > Users > Customers > Deactivate.  If you wish to reactivate a customer, their data will be restored and they will be visible on the POS once again.  

Improved online order behaviour. We fixed an issue where online orders were sometimes not sent to the kitchen after midnight. Now, incoming online orders are automatically sent to the kitchen during your specified business hours, despite the time of day. The Restaurant app setting “Automatically accept” or “Automatically accept and finalize” must be enabled.


Please note: some features require your LiteServer to be updated to version 7.18. This update occurs automatically. Contact our Support Team to update your Liteserver sooner.