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Our cash advance program is the easiest way to grow your business now.

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How Lightspeed Capital works

Lightspeed Capital takes away the roadblocks many independent business owners face on their search for funding. Our team pre-screens for eligibility and creates a cash advance offer that's tailored to your business.

Determine if you are eligible for Lightspeed Capital

Apply for a cash advance through a Lightspeed Capital team member

Funds are deposited directly into your bank account

The cash advance balance is remitted through a percentage of income generated by your sales

Use Lightspeed Capital for any business purpose.

Plus, there's no strict payback schedule—you pay nothing until you make sales.

  • Transparent pricing with no rising interest rates–just a flat fee
  • No scheduled monthly payments
  • The balance, including a flat fee, is remitted through a portion of your sales
  • Capital can be requested again after your balance is remitted

Get funds in as soon as two business days.

There’s no lengthy application or credit check—so you can get to the funds sooner rather than later.

  • Cash advance is deposited directly into your bank account
  • Credit scores are unaffected by the process
  • Flat-fee pricing structure with no hidden costs
  • Eligibility is determined by business performance
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Local businesses are the backbone of our communities, and Lightspeed’s goal is to make owning a successful independent business easier than ever. We believe real-time access to capital is one of the largest challenges facing independent merchants today. This expansion of Lightspeed Capital provides a simple, streamlined opportunity for our merchants to invest in their business. Our goal is to help turbocharge their operations ... all through a single, integrated commerce solution.

Jona Georgiou, Lightspeed's GM of Payments and Financial Services

How does Lightspeed Capital compare to other types of funding?