How Games World runs 22 stores with Lighstpeed

Games World isn’t playing around when it comes to building a franchise

Operating at speed whilst maintaining accurate data across 22 shops spanning Western Australia and Victoria, as well as an online store, is a delicate balancing act.

This was a pressing issue for Games World's IT Administrator Rien.

In order to elevate Games World’s operations, Rien used Lightspeed to begin streamlining the business.

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One system to manage 22 stores

  • Each Games World store is staffed by a diverse workforce, meaning the POS system had to be consistent so each store was using correct data.
  • Using Lightspeed’s inventory management software, Rien was able to see data from all stores.
  • This made it easier to manage multiple store locations and make changes to the platform from HQ.

“The ease at which I can manage from the head office - editing, creating, deleting products is near on instant” says Rien.

“If someone's having a problem with a consignment, I can just log in and look at the consignment directly. I don't need to remote into their system to bring up the consignment on their system and then take over their computer.“

“A great example of that is when we opened a new shop in December last year, but there were issues with the shop.”

“What I could do is I could get the invoices for the stock that was being delivered to that shop out there in Melbourne and I could enter all of the invoices, all the consignments directly and start that outlet from here in WA”.

“So when the purchasing officers were making sure that they had all the right amount of stock, stock categories and product ranges ready for that new shop, they could see on their system straight away.”

A fast and simple setup allowed the team to get on the same page

  • Using Lightspeed made it easier to expand new shops and pop-up stores.
  • Unlike their previous clunky system, setting up store and product information for a new location was a breeze.
  • This empowers Games World to run pop-ups when they need to without worrying about their tech set up.

“As long as we create the outlet, change the setting so that they're consistent with the way that we prefix and suffix our other shops, and set the receipt template, it's super easy” says Rien.

Automations and integrations improves promotional events

  • By leveraging Lightspeed’s inventory management software, Rien could automate promotional events across all 22 store locations.
  • The team could now run promotions by automating product discounts rather than manually discounting products by line item.
  • This also alleviated pressure on staff across the franchise to remember every promotion on offer, ensuring staff don’t apply offers that have expired.

"In the old system, we always changed the base price one at a time” says Rien.

“So having the promotion structure and the price book structure to be able to change pricing and to set dates for when that pricing is valid. That's really good. I really like that”.

Games World is strengthening their franchise for future growth

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