Mr. Miyagi

Modern Japanese with a Side of Fun

Mr. Miyagi deals in two things: modern Japanese cuisine and good times. And these things are able to feed into each other. Their menu is a carefully-curated offering of tried and true, eye-catching classics and innovative takes on Japanese favourites, all served by a team dedicated to enhancing the guest experience beyond the expected.

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Full Service


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Melbourne, Victoria

“We’ve freed up about 30% of our staff’s time ... get orders into the kitchen—get them into the bar—but actually spend more time with our guests.”

Kristian Klein, Director


In a restaurant as busy as Mr. Miyagi, every second has to count. Whether that be time spent taking orders or time spent making the meals. The team at Mr. Miyagi needed to figure out a scenario where their staff could use their time as efficiently as possible, whilst still maintaining high levels of customer service.


Mr. Miyagi chose Lightspeed to deliver on their vision. They used Lightspeed Restaurant to shave valuable time from their processes, equipping floor staff with roving iPads to take orders directly at the table and send them instantly to the kitchen or bar. They also utilised Lightspeed Payments’ mobility so that guests can pay at the table too and utilised Lightspeed Insights to access live reporting, showing them how a shift is going from anywhere at any time.

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Speed without sacrifice

With Lightspeed Insights and Lightspeed Payments being integrated with Lightspeed Restaurant, Mr. Miyagi has all of the tools they need to operate as efficiently as possible, all in the one POS platform. They found that fine balance between speedy service and customer satisfaction, sacrificing neither for the other.
“We’ve freed up about 30% of our staff’s time from just walking back and forth from a fixed point of sale system,” says Director Kristian Klein. “Get orders into the kitchen—get them into the bar—but actually spend more time with our guests.”

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“Since moving to Lightspeed, one of the things we love about it is that it allows us to use our systems far more efficiently.”

Kristian Klein, Director

Mr. Miyagi runs more efficiently with Lightspeed.

You can too.