Ontario, CA
Nutrishop is dedicated to providing quality, health-centric products for active lifestyles. From vitamins to weight loss solutions, they focus on customer service, and are expanding rapidly.

Lightspeed: The preferred point of sale for Nutrishop licensees.

Let the world's most powerful point of sale system work for you.

With almost 200 stores in the U.S. and new openings every month, the sports nutrition chain requires business systems that can keep up with their growth. That’s why many licensees choose Lightspeed. With Lightspeed Retail, they can process transactions, track inventory, create purchase orders, and manage customers across all their locations.
Kinesiologist Cameron Ritter opened his first Nutrishop in St. Louis two years ago and recently added a second location. Lightspeed Retail helps him manage almost all aspects of his business, from sales and inventory to his staff.

“Lightspeed generates daily reports for timesheets, payroll, commission and credit card receipts, which can be sent directly to the accountant.“

Ease of use is also why California-based
 retailer Jason Miller switched to Lightspeed.

As a trained nutritionist with a Bachelor in Business Administration, the Sunnyvale, CA Nutrishop licensee Jason Miller aims to provide excellent customer service—and that’s reflected in his choice of POS. “When you ring up a product, the POS will list related items in the transaction window – providing customers with even more options.

Licensees are also attracted to Lightspeed’s intuitive design. "Style and image matter," says Jason. "They notice that we use Macs, and they lean in to check out the interface." But you don’t have to own a Mac to use Lightspeed explains Nutrishop marketing manager Tania McLendon (Lightspeed Retail is platform-agnostic). “We already had 100 stores by the time Lightspeed Retail launched. The fact that store owners didn’t have to switch from PC to Mac was a big draw,” she says.

"We recommend Lightspeed because of its usability and functionality – but what really catapulted our interest was the customer service and responsiveness." - Tania McLendon, Nutrishop Marketing Manager

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