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Vaping the Way is one of Saskatchewan’s leading vape shops, started out of a single location in 2014. After merging with another company in 2015, they expanded into a rapidly growing multi-store business. According to General Manager Kevin Millama, “things are getting better, year over year, month over month.”

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Regina, Saskatchewan


A longtime Lightspeed user, Vaping the Way has recently begun delving deeper into their business data for buying, selling and employee appraisal. With the business taking off, the team knew that they could take it further. But their reporting capabilities were being outstripped by their success: “all we looked for as far as whether it was working or not was our profit margins, as long as they were fairly accurate, or our sales, customer transactions, things like that.”


Analytics has changed how Vaping the Way runs their business. Reports on products commonly bought together inform their sales strategy, helping their staff upsell and meet new bonus targets. By running category reports in Analytics, they’re now able to track their superstar products: “we find that with specific flavors selling a lot more at different times… a blueberry sells more than like a strawberry, maybe. Then, maybe when we bring in new flavors, we'll order more blueberry flavors.”

Lightspeed is super easy. It's really easy to keep track of inventory. The report side is nice as far as keeping track of customer base and how much we're selling per hour.
Kevin Millama Vaping the way - Regina, Saskatchewan

Vaping the Way is growing with business intelligence

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