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Kangaroo is a loyalty marketing and customer engagement platform for your business. Deeply integrated with Lightspeed, it offers a suite of features geared towards helping you generate additional revenues.

Our customers range from 1 store locations to few hundreds. But our focus is to deliver a solution that works for your business and not the other way around. Kangaroo is simple to use and yet, extremely powerful.
Imagine offering to an unlimited number of customers, loyalty, rewards, raffles, a referral program, a tier program, digital stamp cards, and so much more, all from one place: Kangaroo!
Imagine communicating with your customers via Text (SMS), Email and in-App Notifications, all form one place: Kangaroo!
Imagine bringing back new customers, re-engaging dormant ones and boosting foot traffic of a new location by directing traffic from a thriving one, all that without doing anything with the help of an automated marketing engine that works for you: Kangaroo!
Imagine any marketing activity required by your business can be done in less than a minute, be it a simple “buy one get one” promotion, or a full fledge marketing campaign that will engage thousands of customers with a simple click, all from one place: Kangaroo!
Kangaroo also offers a white-label, brandable solution to make your loyalty program 100% your own, including your own smartphone app.
Kangaroo is available worldwide in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Category: Customer Service, Loyalty, Marketing

Product: Retail

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